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A Blog about Nothing

As those who follow me know, one of my New Year’s resolutions is to blog every month. Staring at a blank page, I remember why I stopped blogging. I couldn’t think of anything to blog about. But not to worry. … Continue reading

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Catching Up and Valentine’s Giveaways

I must be an unrepentant optimist. I embrace January as the dawn of a new me. It sort of works, but hey, if you don’t overreach a little, you won’t get anywhere. I’m skipping my usual plans to lose 10 … Continue reading

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#RomanticIdea – Tea & Company Thursday – Meet Stacy Juba

Welcome Stacy Juba! Hope your summer is rolling along as smoothly as a fluffy white cloud. Today I welcome Stacy Juba who has some #RomanticIdea (s) that I really like. If you read Stacy’s bio at the end of this … Continue reading

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#RomanticIdea – Softcover Sunday – Meet Keta Diablo

Welcome Keta Diablo! Here is Keta’s #RomanticIdea — When summer comes to the Midwest, we think lakes! One way I love to pass a sunny afternoon is to pack a picnic lunch and head for the water on a Pontoon … Continue reading

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#romanticidea Tea & Company Welcomes MM Jaye

For today’s Thursday Tea & Company spotlight, I welcome author MM Jaye who offers a great #romanticidea that I intend to use this weekend. (-; Romantic Idea to enjoy this summer Have your partner read your favorite romance novel and … Continue reading

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#RomanticIdea – Softcover Sunday – Meet Carmen Stefanescu

Welcome Carmen! Here are #RomanticIdeas from Carmen Stefanescu to rekindle the spark : Learn a romantic foreign language.  Take an intro-class together for a language that neither of you speak –  French, Italian, Spanish or Romanian  simply sound romantic – … Continue reading

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#romanticidea Thursday Tea & Company Meet Linda McLaughlin

Linda’s Summer #RomanticIdea “A Jug of Wine, a Loaf of Bread—and Thou” – The Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám I love that quote, and it makes me think of romantic summer picnics—at the beach, by a lake, in the mountains or … Continue reading

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#romanticidea Tea and Company Meet Elizabeth Harmon

Here are some great #romanticideas from 2016 RITA nominee, Elizabeth Harmon: Cook a romantic dinner…together!  Choose a favorite recipe (or something new), and if you have a nearby farmer’s market, shop there for ingredients. Then turn on the music, pour … Continue reading

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#romanticidea Softcover Sunday – Meet Iris Blobel

My #RomanticIdea for this summer I love the beach and for me there’s nothing nicer than walk along the beach with my feet in the water, listening to the sound of the waves crushing along the shore, and my loved … Continue reading

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#RomanticIdea – Tea & Company – Meet Sheri Fredericks

Sheri’s fabulous #RomanticIdea to Enjoy this Summer As a romance author, I have a file where I jot down date ideas. If I need an idea for a scene I’m writing, I skim through and see if any of them … Continue reading

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