New from Mari Manning. The second book in the “A Murder in Texas Series”

 Stranger in My House

“This is a quickly moving tale that romantic suspense fans will love. I never saw the villain coming – it kept me guessing until the very end.”

“…this is a fantastic mystery romance book that works perfectly.”

“I loved it! Characters are amazing and so well-written.”

She’s playing a dangerous game …

When Officer Kirby Swallow’s half-sister is threatened, Kirby assumes her sister’s identity strangerinmyhouse-500and journeys to the remote Texas ranch her sister calls home to catch a killer. Kirby confronts a growing list of suspects and a rising body count, not to mention the ranch manager, Seth Maguire, who sees past the charade to the warm, generous girl beneath. But can Kirby trust a man who rejects the one thing she holds dear: family? Her love dares all, but as the killer closes in, will it also be blind?

Self-reliant Seth Maguire is manager of the struggling Shaw Valley Ranch. His future appears empty until the ranch’s wild, unpredictable heiress suddenly morphs into a very hot lady cop. What starts out as just another seduction turns into something deep and, for him, frightening. Then the killer is revealed and Seth is faced with an impossible choice. Will his fragile, uncertain love be enough to save Kirby?

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If you haven’t read Stranger at My Door

“…this is a fantastic book, a very fast paced suspense with added romance.”

The only thing standing between Dinah Pittman and a killer is a man she’s afraid to Stranger at My Door_mockup2trust…

As far as Dinah Pittman is concerned, men can’t be trusted. Especially cops. Her own father was a former cop and a convicted felon who stole a small fortune before dying in prison. The best part? No one knows
where the money is…and someone is willing to kill off everyone who knows anything about it.

And Dinah is next.

Rafe Morales left the Dallas police force to settle down to a simpler life in the small Texas town of El Royo. Instead, he finds himself protecting an infuriating, tough-as-nails, oh-so-sexy victim—and driving himself crazy with a thoroughly unprofessional desire.

But as the body count rises, Rafe and Dinah must find a way to trust each other…before they both end up dead. Buy now!

Read the first chapter.


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