Win a Kindle

In honor of its first year, my publisher Crimson Romance is giving a away a Kindle, which will be loaded with all the books it published in the first year. How many? Over 400 … including mine! If you are interested in getting in on the contest, click here. If you don’t win (and I never do), you can still get your hands on all the Crimson books by signing up for the Crimson subscription club. It’s $12.99 a month or $59.99 for the year. This will give you access to all the books in the Crimson catalog. Not a bad deal.

Not good enough? Can’t read 400 books? Starting July 1, all Crimson books will be on sale on Amazon for $1.99. This sale will go on for the entire month. Be sure to download my two books: Holding Out for a Hero and Angel Without Wings. At $1.99 each, it’s a great deal.

If you do read one of my books, please feel free to write a review on Amazon. I check my reviews often and appreciate your comments.

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