Coming Soon

My pen is flying almost as fast as the clock these days. I am working on a romantic suspense series, A Murder in Texas. The first book, Stranger at My Door was published in January 2016. The second, Stranger in My House will be available in summer 2016. The third, Stranger in My Bed, has not been scheduled for publication yet.

I am working a cozy mystery series. The first book is finished, and I am working on the second. I will keep you posted via my newsletter on publication news for that series.


Stranger in My Bed (Publication date TBD)

Romantic Suspense

When Caddie Piper Lockhart wakes to find her husband brutally murdered in their bed, she races against time to prove her innocence. Hit with news of her dead husband’s secret life, an amorous business partner and a murderous stalker, she turns to the only man who believes in her innocence—her ex-lover, Lucas Sandoval. But Lucas harbors secrets of his own. Will Cadie be able to overcome her fear of betrayal and put her life in his hands?

Wounded and psychically damaged in Afghanistan, Lucas Sandoval stays sane by focusing on his job as an FBI agent. When he runs into Caddie Piper Lockhart during an undercover assignment, she unleashes memories of their doomed relationship and the horrors he witnessed as a Ranger. Can he overcome his emotional trauma and save her life?

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