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Sheri’s fabulous #RomanticIdea to Enjoy this Summer

As a romance author, I have a file where I jot down date ideas. If I need an idea for a scene I’m writing, I skim through and see if any of them fit.

Maybe you’d like to try one of my date ideas and let me know how it turns out for you! Here’s a few:

  1. Horseback Riding

Rocking hips and cowboy hats — it doesn’t get more romantic than that.

  1. Hit the Beach

Coconut oil, sparkling water, warm sun, and lots of skin. A modest form of nakedness!

  1. Go Retro With A Drive-In Movie

It’s like a regular movie, except with a private back seat!

  1. Old-Fashioned…With A Twist!

Going out to dinner means there’s no mess to clean-up. Follow it up with a hot tub for two — and it’s a recipe for romance.

If you have an idea you’d like to share, I’m all ears.

Look for more books to come in my Lights, Camera, Lube? series.


MonicaBeggs_LRGAbout Sheri’s recent book, “Monica Beggs”

Monica Beggs is more than the hottest porn star out on DVD—she’s Finn Daniel’s next assignment.

Lights. Camera. Lube?

Famous porn star Monica Beggs wrapped up another grueling on-location movie shoot when the Colombian cartel attempted to kidnap her. Their guns are as real as the price on her pretty head.

Former Special Ops and present day surfer, Finn Daniels recognizes a lady in distress when he sees one—especially if it’s his adult film crush being hustled out the door. He’s no longer in the business of busting up the underworld, but that doesn’t deflect his moral compass.

In a fast-paced adventure—over land, sea, and air—playing it hot and heavy will lead them straight into action!

An excerpt from “Monica Beggs”

Scene Setup:  **Finn confronts the Cartel soldier**

 Mariano sighed as if the weight of the world rested upon his shoulders. “You make a big mistake with Monica Beggs, señor. It is not good for your health to be involved in my business.”

From the corner of his eye, Finn saw her clutch the front of her yellow dress. She turned her terrified eyes up to Riley.

“Don’t worry.” Riley flicked her a distracted glance. Team members while in the service and team members now, his partner kept watch on Finn’s six. “He knows what he’s doing.”

“Why Monica?” Finn asked the Colombian.

Mariano shrugged and backed away. His gaze slid past and landed on Monica. “We don’t ask questions.”

“Why do you want to kill me?” She cried out. “What have I done?”

Mariano switched his attention back to Finn, his lips lifted in a ghost of a smile. “She is preciosa, no?

“More than beautiful,” he answered without glancing her way. No way in hell was he taking his eyes off the guy.

Finn didn’t need to see Monica Beggs to remind himself how beautiful she looked. Every inch of her smooth olive skin had been seared into his brain after watching her movie Sin City: A Dildo to Die For—twice.

Okay, three times.

Through his adrenaline rush, memory of the teardrop shape of her breasts flushed hot through his jacked-up system and settled low between the hips. Helping the porn star was the right thing to do. He’d been sure of it back at Femenino Island and felt positive about it now. Confidence injected steel into his blood and he reveled in the sense of calm the knowledge brought.

“You win today, señor.” Mariano’s expression soured. A grim line thinned his lips and his brows lowered.

Finn shrugged and replied in matter-of-fact arrogance. “I win them all.”

Off in the distance, above the barrage of harbor noise and cry of sea birds, came the high-pitched wail of sirens. The small crowd of onlookers drew closer. Their speculative murmurs of drug dealers and DEA agent were passed around like a Sunday morning collection plate.

“The business of drugs are one thing. This buying and selling of women… it is not good. And the things I hear about the man who bought her, well…” Mariano took a deep breath and shook his head.

“Leave me alone,” she pleaded, limping closer to Finn. “Forget you ever saw me.”

Mariano stepped back, then hesitated. “I have never failed my contracts, amigo. Not once.”

Finn’s response was lethal. “Neither have I.”

As the first downed man showing signs of stirring, Mariano checked on the other unconscious man with a shove of his shoe.

Riley nudged Finn. “Let’s evac before the cops show up.”

Finn gave Monica a quick once-over. She seemed otherwise physically uninjured, except where she’d smacked her hip on the ground. Right now, she’d no doubt try to process why someone would take her against her will. The reality of what happened would refuse to lodge in her shocked brain.

He felt sorry for her. He really did. Hell, the most danger she’d probably faced in the last five years was rush-hour traffic on the 405.

“Roger that.” Finn nodded her direction. “I got Monica.”

“Good. You can’t drive worth a shit.” His friend took off, dodging gawking pedestrians as he jogged to the Hummer.

The sirens were much closer and the thought of hashing it out in a small beige room until dark-o-thirty didn’t hold much appeal. “Look, sweetheart. You got someone coming? ‘Cause I gotta jam.”

“You’re leaving?” Her expression was aghast. “You won’t stay?”

As much as he wanted to make sure she was okay, he needed to split the scene more. He shook his head. “Want to help you, but I ain’t sticking around.”

© Sheri Fredricks 2015 Monica Beggs

Purchase Links

Amazon.com: http://amzn.to/1PlHSsO

Amazon.co.uk: http://amzn.to/1MoFy5Z

Barnes & Noble:  http://bit.ly/1iqhwL3

Kobo: http://bit.ly/20epJDZ

iBooks: http://apple.co/1YJrqXp

About Sheri Fredricks Author PicSheri Fredricks

Always on the hunt for the uncommon things in life, award-winning author Sheri Fredricks thrives on creating romantic adventures.

A former engineering secretary, she lives on California’s beautiful central coast. “I wanted to move away from a profession of inflexible right angles and create an unboxed world with no boundaries.” A voracious reader since her early years, Sheri found her brain crowded with stories of her own. “Ultimately,” she says, “my husband encouraged me to write them all down.”

Winner of the Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewer’s Choice Award, and a Finalist multiple times for InD’Tale eMagazine’s Reward Of Novel Excellence award (RONE), she has numerous five-star reviews everywhere eBooks are sold.

Sheri loves to spend time at home and connecting with readers. A computer hutch keeps her focused on creating stories, but the panoramic view of life on a ranch will call her outside to play in the sun.


Website:              www.sherifredricks.com

Twitter:                http://twitter.com/Sheri_Fredricks

Facebook:           http://www.Facebook.com/SheriFredricks

Goodreads:        www.goodreads.com/goodreadscomsheri_fredricks

Author Info:       http://tinyurl.com/hu3q836

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During June and July, I am hosting a group of wonderful writers for our #RomanticIdea summer. Each author will offer a romantic idea you can try this summer with your sweetheart, plus a special treat — an excerpt from one of their books. I hope you enjoy the series. — Mari



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  1. Sheri Fredricks says:

    Thank you for hosting me! I love all the romantic ideas being shared. Have a wonderful summer.

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