#EggcerptExchange – Thursday Tea & Company – Meet Elaine Cantrell

Rest Thy Head at Rest Thy HeadRest Thy Head

Running away from a fiancé who betrayed her, Peyton O’Malley finds employment at a beautiful mountain inn called Rest Thy Head. She didn’t expect to live in the haunted room or to fall for the inn’s owner, a fire-scarred, war veteran who uses the inn to hide away from the world. She didn’t expect her sister to show up at Rest Thy Head either, much less her formidable mother.

Now, thanks to the aid of a friendly ghost, Peyton has a shot at true love, and so does her sister Ashley, provided the guys cooperate of course!

An Excerpt from Rest Thy Head

Peyton ran to her room and changed her clothes. Annie must have returned to make up her bed because the room looked neat and clean. All of the linen in the bathroom had been changed too. She paused a moment to admire the plush, white towels. She needed to get some of those for herself.

Running a brush through her hair, she grabbed her sunglasses and made her way to the stables. Rest Thy Head looked as spectacular in the sunshine as it did in the moonlight. She made a mental note to explore the gardens she’d spotted behind the inn. Bet they looked as wonderful as the rest of the place.

She entered the barn, a big white structure with a center aisle and stalls on either side. Just inside the door she saw a dark haired man dressed in jeans and a long sleeved, plaid shirt brushing a pretty chestnut mare.

“Hi,” she called.

The man half turned toward her; wow, he had blue eyes to die for. The blue was so intense that it reminded her of a blue diamond she’d seen at the jewelry store. Oh, and look at those shoulders. If there was one thing she loved, it was a pair of nice shoulders. Yummy. He was just yummy. “Yeah?” he asked, his voice abrupt and snappy.

“I’m Peyton O’Malley. I’m supposed to meet Patrick for a ride.”

“He isn’t here yet. You can sit on the bench under that tree outside and wait for him there.”

Instead of leaving the barn, Peyton stepped toward the man. “What a beautiful … horse.”

The man quickly averted his face, but Peyton had seen the dreadful red scars that covered the entire left side of his face. They looked like burns. “I told you to wait outside,” he growled, scowling at her with the good side of his face. “Get moving.”

Peyton’s lips pressed together in a thin line. How dare he speak so rudely to her! Anyone would have looked twice when they first saw his scars. She stalked outside without another word.

As she waited on the bench for Patrick, she spent the time imagining clever retorts to the man’s rudeness. By the time Patrick got there five minutes later, she’d come up with some good comebacks. Too bad she couldn’t use them.

“Are you ready for that ride, Peyton?” He smiled as if taking a ride with her made his day. “I’ve got a great little mare in mind for you.”

“Yes, I’m ready.” Let the scarred man be unfriendly to someone else. She didn’t have to bother with him.

“I’ll get our horses.” Patrick went into the barn and returned leading two horses, one glossy brown and the other a spotted horse with a brown and white coat.

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Elaine Cantrell’s Biography

elaine 's pictureElaine Cantrell was born and raised in South Carolina.  She holds a master’s degree in personnel services from Clemson University.  She is a member of Alpha Delta Kappa, an international honorary society for women educators and is also a member of Romance Writers of America.  Her first novel, A New Leaf, was the 2003 winner of the Timeless Love Contest.  When she isn’t writing or teaching, she enjoys reading, traveling, and collecting vintage Christmas ornaments.

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Character Interview: Peyton

Interviewer: Hi, Peyton, thanks for being our guest today on Rapid Fire Info. Are you ready for your questions?

Peyton: I’m ready. Thanks for having me on you show.

Interviewer:  You’ve very welcome. Here we go. What’s your main goal in life?

Peyton: To help my husband run Rest Thy Head and to be a good wife and mother.

Interviewer: What’s your greatest fear?

Peyton: I don’t really have any. I’m a pretty optimistic person.

Interview: What’s your favorite food?

Peyton: My husband’s fried chicken.

Interviewer: What’s your occupation?

Peyton: I help run Rest Thy Head.

Interviwer: What would you do if you won the lottery.

Peyton: I really don’t know. I have everything I ever wanted in my family.

Interviewer: Thanks for much for coming.

Peyton: Thanks for having me.

eggsFrom Mari: I’d like to send out a special thanks to Tina Gayle for inviting me to participate in her annual Egg-cerpt Exchange, which goes until March 31. I have a new author lined up for Thursday Tea & Co. every week during the Exchange. So be sure to check back next week!

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  1. Thanks for featuring Rest Thy Head, Mari. I appreciate it, and I have an EggCerpt from Mari at http://www.elainepcantrell.blogspot.com.

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