Noir Nights Bundle

Noir NightsToday is the debut for Noir Nights, a bundle of five romances that feature a detective. One of those books, Holding Out for a Hero, was written by me. I am particularly proud of this story since it is the first book I ever sold. I am also proud of it because my sister cried when she read the ending. It combines some of my favorite settings: Chicago and Appalachia, plus a little 1960s frenzy for good measure. I love my hero, Collin Atlee. He is tall and blond and tortured. A guy who grew up with a silver spoon in his mouth, but decided to make his own way in the world by joining the army. It transformed him from a spoiled brat into a caring, brave man. The heroine, Seneca, is a musician with a mystery in her past and an awful boyfriend who must be dealt with before Collin can claim her. My favorite character in Peabody Hill, Seneca’s bloodhound and a hero in his own right.

Anyway, it’s a fun read, and the mystery is different (so says I). But don’t just buy it for my story. But it for the other four amazing stories, too.



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