Manic Monday: Read a Romance Month

LITTLE FREE LIBRARYIt’s been awhile since I’ve done a Manic Monday post. I’ve been a busy! No, really. I know it’s summer, and most people don’t want to spend their summer inside googling when they could be outside working on their sunburns and wiping sweat from the back of their necks. But I’ve been writing my next book, and I am officially just a few thousand words from done.

But Read-a-Romance Month has lured me back into romance society. On Saturday, the Schaumburg, Illinois, library sponsored a romance symposium in honor of Read-A-Romance month. Some of the best romance authors IN THE WORLD were there. (I am not saying this because quite a few are my friends.) They included Julie James, Julie Ann Walker, Elizabeth Hoyt, Jade Lee, Sonali Dev, Blythe Gifford … I could go on, but instead I will share a link to the Read-A-Book website, which lists them all and tells about the event. The site is now in my favorites. You will never again be at a loss when you’re looking for your next romance novel if you visit this site. It has lots of great romances in every genre.

Isn’t this little “library” cute” One of the romance readers at the conference talked about how she makes new converts to romance by giving away her books with the instruction: “pass it on to someone else when you’re done.” She also leaves the books in doctor and dentist offices, train stations, etc. where people might pick them up. Great idea. I’m going to start doing it … as soon as summer is over.

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