Softcover Sunday – Shannyn Schroeder

Shannyn Schroeder is a member of my writing group and a very prolific writer. She is working on two series: Hot and Nerdy and The O’Leary’s. Two O’Leary books: Just a Taste (Book 5) and Hold Me Close (Book 6) are 2015 releases. Just a Taste released in January and Hold Me Close will release in July. Three (!) Hot and Nerdy books are 2015 releases. All will be available starting this fall. Sleep must be a luxury for her. That’s a lot of work!!

In the meantime, she put out an anthology of the first three Hot and Nerdy books in April, which she calls Hot and Nerdy. Get a copy. It’s a great way to get caught up before before her fourth Hot and Nerdy comes out in October.


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