Manic Monday – Literary Maps

This week I was attracted by a post on one of their member forums about a literary map exhibit at the Boston library.

 I like the idea of a literary map. It speaks to the left-brain side of me that demands everything laid out properly. No whimsy allowed in that side of my head. To placate this rigid side of myself, I have been contemplating maps of my two fictional settings, El Royo, TX, and Cloud River, CO. But I haven’t actually drawn them yet. Chalk that up to my right-brain side. (-:

 Here is a link to the Boston exhibit:

The Boston one wasn’t great for me, mostly because I hadn’t read many of the books and also because they seemed to have stuck to pages from the original books themselves so they were mostly technical as opposed to whimsical. But it made me wonder …

And the next thing I knew it was time to make dinner and I’d spent half the afternoon googling literary maps.

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