Don “Milisav” Juan Goes Viral

Hotel Lobby

Originally I was going to save this story for my “most fascintating people of 2013” list, but I am not sure this man is fascinating. However, he tops my list of “crazy like a fox” personalities, and he most deservedly belongs on my list of romantic figures in a 24/7 world.

Wealthy Serbian bachelor Don Milisav Juan Gonzales Brzi is “39-years-old” (aren’t we all) and looking for a young bride. How young? Try 16-24 years-old. Uh, Don? In some jurisdictions, 16 is jail bait. Just saying.

To “lure” a young beauty, wealthy Don has posted pictures of himself in his opulent masion. In one photo, he is sitting at the head of a long dining room table, dressed in a dark suit as if waiting for his lady to join him. Curiously, all the chairs are covered in plastic, and if you look to his left, it appears the “opulent dining room” is also the kitchen. In another amazing photo, Don lounges on a gold-plated sofa. According to the caption: “… after gold plated tables and toilets, Brzi continues his love for the precious metal on this sofa set.” I am not sure why this would attract the average teenager. Hey, Don! Want to find a teenage bride? Get yourself a gold-plated iPhone.

I was fascinated by a photo of Don posing with a samurai sword. A decorated sheet cake is on the table in front of him. The reporter, who must be male says, “Brzi sits calmly in his slippers [he’s actually sitting on a sofa, not in his slippers], holding a samurai sword …” The most interesting aspect of this picture is the fact that Don is wearing a full-length mink coat. I wonder what size he wears. Maybe a trip to Serbia is in my future. If he can be 39, then I can be 16.

I am not sure who is funnier: Don or the caption writer. There is a picture of Don standing in a bathroom complete with gold-plated toilet and “bidet.” I guess that where his 16-year-old bride can spit her gum out. He is dressed in a suit. Here is the caption writer’s take on this scene: “The super-wealthy Serbian man relaxes in this bathroom …” Relaxes seems like the wrong word here.

There is much to laugh at, including Don posing in a pair of silk pajamas, which is not recommended for attracting the under 24 crowd. But as I noted at the beginning of this blog, he is crazy like a fox if you ask me. Sure the house is a bit cheesy and the array of fur coats and bow ties not horribly sexy, but he had the moxie to take his quest to the internet, and who’s on the internet? Teenagers. That’s who.

If you’d like to see Don’s abode for yourself, click here.

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1 Response to Don “Milisav” Juan Goes Viral

  1. Rosemary says:

    I have to say, my favorite pic is the Boyz II Men-esque floor squat on his mosaic tiled hallway. LOL!

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