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Don “Milisav” Juan Goes Viral

Originally I was going to save this story for my “most fascintating people of 2013” list, but I am not sure this man is fascinating. However, he tops my list of “crazy like a fox” personalities, and he most deservedly … Continue reading

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Are You Washing Your Clothes Wrong?

Washing clothes is not very romantic. However if you were to fall in love, and if one thing were to lead to another, you might find yourself washing other people’s clothes in your very own washer and dryer. Such is the … Continue reading

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Broken Harbor Is the Whole Enchilada

“If you put energy into thinking about how much the fall would hurt, you’re already halfway down.” In my husband’s family, there is a small but vocal contingent who embrace all things Irish … shamrocks, anything green, stepping dancing, whiskey, the … Continue reading

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