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Books: Picks and Pans of 2012

I must tip my hat to my old college roommate — Kathy — who sends a Christmas card each year that includes a list of all the books she’s read during the year, as well as those of her husband … Continue reading

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The Really Truly Most Fascinating People of 2012

I read that Barbara Walter’s was going to let us know who the 10 most fascinating people of 2012 were. I did not see the list, but I suspect that it has the usual line up of over-exposed celebrities and … Continue reading

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Holiday Shopping

At Christmas you are allowed to go crazy and buy all the wierd things you want, then before you can feel stupid, you can wrap them up and give them to your loved ones and friends. For example, I was looking … Continue reading

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Where to Find the Best Men in America

I recently came across a blog,, which is not about chemistry. It’s about finding your perfect match. Yeah, that kind of chemistry. I was attracted by an article on where to find the most romantic men in the U.S.  I’ll … Continue reading

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