Facebook Rant + Naughty Dogs

I used to visit my Facebook page almost every day, but I haven’t looked at it in over a month. Here’s why: Someone I sort of knew in college asked to friend me, and I said yes. She was a quiet girl, very thoughtful, so I was happy to include her.

Something happened to her since college. She’s become a very angry American citizen who posts dozens of —-wing shibboleths daily. They aren’t even original. She must spend hours surfing the net for super negative stuff to post. I hate to do it, but in order to enjoy Facebook, I am going to have to block her.

I don’t mind people posting their thoughts about our current political situation. That’s perfectly fine. But be positive and be original. If you’re listening, I’m talking to you M— M—.

On a happier note, I love dogs, even the naughty ones. Our little bichon, Bailey, passed away a few years ago. But when he was with us, we always knew when he had done something naughty because he’d hide under the table when we came in the room.

“Bailey, where are you? Come here.”

He’d burrow deeper under the table.

That’s when we started looking around for whatever surprise he’d left us.

There is a website that I recently discovered that is very funny. Dog owners posts photos of their dogs along with a sign describing some hilarious misbehavior. For example, one dog had a sign that said, “I stole a loaf of bread and hide it for a month.” Another had a toilet seat around his neck with a sign that read, “I like to drink toilet water, but I didn’t figure on this complication.”

If you would like to see the site for yourself, it’s at dog-shaming.com


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