Last Night an Idea Snuck in My Head

Have you ever woken up in the morning to discover that sometime in the night a new idea or solution has snuck into your head.

Please say yes, or I will have to find a shrink.

Here’s what happened to me:  Last winter I wrote a synopsis for my fourth romance, Angel Without Wings. For the most part I was fine with it. I mean, it’s a synopsis for cripes sake – a utilitarian vehicle to communicate your story arc.

I remember writing it, flying along until I got to the last paragraph. It seemed flat. “That’s because they live happily ever after. How do you make that exciting?” Or so I told myself sternly.

Six months fly by . . .

A few days ago, I woke up, and there was this thought nesting in my head. The last paragraph of the synopsis is flat because you left out the point of the story – how the characters achieved their goals.

Sure, they lived happily ever after, but when I introduced them, they were chasing very different, maybe even conflicting, dreams. The heroine wanted a real home and family. The hero wanted to live a life of high adventure. Through more trials and tribulations than Ulysses, they fall in love, and that’s where I ended the synopsis. So this week, I went back and rewrote the last few lines to reflect what each had learned about himself (or herself) and how it brought them together.

Maybe with the new ending, I’ll find a publisher or an agent. Keep your fingers crossed.

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