Holding Out for a Hero!!!

It’s official. My first book is on sale. “Holding Out for a Hero” is available through my publisher, Crimson Romance at www.crimsonromance.com under Romantic Suspense or on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

If you go through the Crimson Romance site, you can sign up for the monthly newsletter and receive first chapters of five of their books plus a chance to win a Kindle.

The best part of being an author: Last night my daughter (she’s 30) called to tell me she’d bought my book after her husband told her she should support her mother. Ta dah! My first official sale.

Good news. She likes it. Really. She said it was a page turner, and she couldn’t wait to finish it. It was, she added, the quickest she’s ever read a book. I was flattered. Then she added, “Did you, uh, design the cover?”


“I was wondering because he’s got an earring, and Collin doesn’t have an earring in the story.”

Of course not. He’s an ex-green beret with a rocking crossed arrows and a dagger tattoo. He would never pierce his ear.

I had suspected that he had an earring, but because the artwork is for the internet, it wasn’t possible to blow it up enough to actually be sure. So I told myself that it must be the light that was making his ear twinkle. But no. It was a diamond stud.

We both started laughing. Apparently the art department staff has their own idea of what a hot ex-soldier should look like. Really guys? A diamond earring?

Nevertheless, I have sold a book, and I am very grateful to Crimson Press for taking a chance on me, as well as my daughter for purchasing it with her own money.

Can you see the earring? It could be a twinkle, couldn’t it?

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