A Day in the Life

Although I style myself as a writer and blogger, I spend most of my day behind a desk. Yes, I am a desk jockey who fortunately has access to the internet. That and my writing keep me from jumping out of my office window. For those of you unfamiliar with the thrills of office life, here is a snapshot from today.

Phone rings.

Me: “Hello?” (It’s a lady from the audit department)

She: “You’re going to kill me.”

Me: (With sinking heart) “Oh good.”


Then I go home to my husband, Mr. Meat-and-Potatoes who must create the nightly menu. Sometimes I try to squeeze a pasta dinner in, but not much gets past the chef.

Me: “How about spaghetti for dinner. I made sauce this weekend.”

Mr. M&P: “You go ahead. I’ll have the leftover pork roast.”

Double yup.

After dinner I go upstairs and work on my next novel, which I have tentatively titled: “Luck Is a Lady.” I’m trying my hand at a true mystery woven into the romance, or maybe the romance is woven into the mystery. In a few weeks, I’ll send my first chapters to a fellow author for review. We’ll see what she says.

No food tip or recipe this week — you get leftovers, too — but I am three week away from the debut of my first e-book, Holding Out for a Hero. I am including a picture of the cover with the post providing I figured out how to do it.

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